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Straight Steel Cable Casing


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:Z4015A2301

  • Type:Straight Steel Cable Casing

  • Material:Steel

  • Muffler Type:Auto Cable

  • Deck:3

  • Trademark:OEM

  • Specification:ISO

  • Origin:China

  • HS Code:87089999

Product Description

1.Product Structure
The push pull cable is made of inner tube, steel wire and plastic cover.

2.Work Flow
Inspecting for raw material--Spooling--Stranding Wire--Coating--Cooling And Rolling -Measuring And Controlling OD--Rolling-Packing--Inspecting-Entering Warehouse

Suitable for the auto brakes ,shift gears,accelerator,clutch,door lock,tank,trunk and other remote control operation, it's the main raw materials of control cables.

OD Of CableOD Of Stranding WireID Of CableInner TubeThe Structure Of Steel WireCover
ODIDMaterialColorWire DiameterWire QtyDirectionMaterialMaterialColor
Z4015A2301Ø4.0+0.2-0.003.1+0.0-0.05Ø1.5+0.1 0.Ø2.1±0.05Ø1.55+0.1 0.HDPEGrey0.516ZBright 45#PP G700Black
Z4118A2301Ø4.15+0.05-0.13.3+0.0-0.05Ø1.8±0.05Ø2.30+0.05 -0.05Ø1.80±0.05HDPEGrey0.517ZBright 45#PP EPS30RBlack
Z4116A2301Ø4.15+0.05-0.13.3+0.0-0.05Ø1.6±0.05Ø2.30+0.1-0.00Ø1.65±0.05HDPEGrey0.517ZBright 45#PP EPS30RBlack
Z5020A1301Ø5.0+0.1-0.14.0+0.05-0.1Ø2.0+0.05-0.1Ø2.9+0.05-0.1Ø2.00+0.05-0.1HDPESubstantial0.5618ZZinc Coating 60#PP G700Black
Z5022C1301Ø5.0+0.1 04.3+0.0-0.05Ø2.2+0.1 0.Ø2.95+0.1-0.0Ø2.25+0.1 0.POMSubstantial0.6616ZBright 45#PP G700Black
Z5020A1302Ø5.0+0. -0.153.95+0.0-0.05Ø2.0+0.1 0.Ø2.95+0.1-0.0Ø2.05+0.1 0.HDPESubstantial0.520ZBright 45#PP G700Black
Z5020A1303Ø5.0+0.0-0.14.0+0.05-0.1Ø2.0+0.05-0.1Ø2.9+0.05-0.1Ø2.00+0.05-0.1HDPESubstantial0.5619ZBright 60#PP EPS30R

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